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  1. I am about to do the same! I feel like I am letting ppl down and it’s weird to be rejecting a place that I applied to!! Congrats. Hopefully that means you landed a spot in another program you wanted!
  2. James Madison University is a PsyD program in "combined" Clinical, Counseling, and School Psychology. I interviewed with them last year. It is definitely more Clinical-Counseling focused. Their deadline is Feb 1st! They are APA accredited.
  3. Hello! I also heard from NAU and am a little disappointed in the late notice that they gave! There is an airport in Flagstaff (FLG). I too am wondering about the skype interview since the notification email said "we believe it is mutually advantageous to take part in the in-person interview day if it is feasible for you" .... I'm scrambling to get my affairs in order to make it! I plan on having an online interview for another program... I agree with @Flora_Cao in that the school can't hold it against you and doesn't necessarily weigh whether or not you had an in-person or online interview. I personally want to be able to "interview" the school as well as see the location.... it's a lot to get together in 10 days!
  4. A lot of people in my interviews had full black pants-suit set; however, I chose to wear a stretchy grey blazer with black slacks and a nice, but comfortable, shirt underneath. I def. think a blazer is good but your "cropped blazer look-a-like" seems like it would do the trick! School Psych programs are a little less boujee than clinical programs in my experience. Just be professional but definitely comfortable!
  5. Nothing yet! The only thing I found for previous years was Jan 11th and Jan 12th but, if I recall correctly, those were for a few years ago. I think that NAU's classes started back today so I am thinking that this week would be the week.... *fingers crossed*! I will post here if I hear anything. Hope you would do the same!
  6. I have received interview invites to University of Tennessee Knoxville, University of Kentucky, and University of Missouri! Still waiting to hear from Northern Arizona University.... anyone else apply there? I have now reached the point during the application process where I am obsessively checking my email multiple times a day....
  7. @jeac96 With your personal statement, make sure you articulate WHY you want to go into the field of school psychology. Highlight some of your background and what has brought you to the current place of applying for further schooling. Talk about potential research but really what I have seen is most schools want to know your motivation for pursuing school psychology and your "fit" for the specific program. I would spend time looking at each program and what makes the program unique. Look at the research of the professors and see how you align or fit in with the overall feel of the program.
  8. Hi! I was waiting for someone to start a school psychology discussion! This is my first time writing on here. I currently am a working school psychologist with my Ed.S. I have been working for 6 years so I feel a little out of the academia game. I am looking to get my PhD in school psychology. @mcgonagal you have a good list! My list is: Northern Arizona University, University of Kentucky, University of Missouri- Columbia, University of Tennessee- Knoxville, University of Memphis, and University of Utah. This is my second application cycle and I am approaching things VERY different this time around. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions (or tips!)
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