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  1. Historiker

    Applications 2019

    It's not really the prestige that makes me prefer the 1-5 programs over the 15-20 programs, just the relatively superior placement records and better fit with the POIs there.
  2. Historiker

    Applications 2019

    Yeah, sure: http://advances.sciencemag.org/content/1/1/e1400005. Basically, the paper ranks history programs by network centrality of their PhD placements. The top 20 programs according to the paper are (in order): Harvard; Yale; Berkeley; Princeton; Stanford; UChicago; Columbia; Brandeis; Johns Hopkins; UPenn; University of Wisconsin, Madison; UMich; UCLA; Northwestern; Cornell; Brown; UC Davis; University of Rochester; NYU; UC San Diego.
  3. Historiker

    Applications 2019

    Is there any scenario in which any of you would turn down a funded PhD offer from a rank 15-20 program with decent fit for a partially funded or unfunded MA offer from a rank 1-5 program with perfect fit, with the ultimate goal of getting into a rank 1-5 PhD program rather than a rank 15-20 PhD program? Edit: I should probably add, I mean the rankings from that Science Advances paper that @telkanuru has posted a few times, not U.S. News or anything like that.
  4. Historiker

    Applications 2019

    Anyone have any advice for what to ask DGS and POIs after acceptance? I already know about funding, structure of the program, and whatnot. Would it be a red flag to them if I don’t have any questions?
  5. Historiker

    Applications 2019

    Hey everybody! I received an informal acceptance from a DGS today, telling me they recommended me to the GS, that they hope I consider their program, and that visiting details will follow. How would you recommend responding? Paging @urbanhistorynerd since you mentioned corresponding with a POI after an informal acceptance. Thank you everybody for the help and best of luck!

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