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  1. I think I had to answer in two weeks (not too sure) but I declined so hopefully you'll be seeing one soon. My status before I declined said "Recommended by department" or something like that but before my status on the portal changed I got an email.
  2. University of Victoria MPH offers went out March 15.
  3. You can take the statistics course at another university or you can look into Athabasca University which offers a full range of online courses. It's best to ask the university you want to apply to to see if they have options for you.
  4. Hi! I am still an undergraduate student at the moment and I have a 3.7GPA in my 3rd year and my 4th year is all full year courses so I'm not too sure about how GPA is calculated. I volunteer mentoring for kids that I did since September 2018 and I also volunteer with the Heart and Stroke Foundation since September 2018 as well. Previously, I volunteered at Autism awareness centres. I am doing a Bachelor in Health Studies so all/most of my courses are about public health. I am going to University of Toronto and so I declined UVic and Queens. I hope you get in!
  5. Just got accepted to Queens MPH and University of Victoria MPH.
  6. Nope! I just got e-mailed "A decision has been made." and in the School of Graduate Studies Portal, there was my online acceptance package.
  7. My acceptance and a couple of my friends acceptances were online only.
  8. Yes! My cGPA is a 7.2 on a 9 point scale but my GPA for my 3rd year is an 8.3 and my projected 4th year GPA is an 8. I got an A+ in my statistics course as well. Also, make sure you have a copy of the statistics course syllabus so it outlines the specific subject matter you learned as you need to submit that as I learned the night before, haha.
  9. I just got an acceptance to University of Toronto's Masters of Public Health in Indigenous Health.
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