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  1. I also received an acceptance email from Waterloo 2 weeks ago after applying in January. They then wanted me to confirm/deny my offer within ~48 hours. I declined since I've already accepted another offer.
  2. Hi there, I don't think Waterloo has interviews for their MHI program; the admissions decision is only based on your essay/grades/CV/reference letters!
  3. Nope! I am not a UofT student but received an email a few weeks ago about setting up an Acorn account.
  4. congratulations @sun.flower!!! Did you see the status change before or after you got your email offer of admission?
  5. anyone know how many people they interview and/or how many apply?
  6. Congrats and good luck to everyone who has an interview! Might be a silly question, but what do people generally wear for this? Is it full business formal (i.e. for women: dress shirt, blazer, heels) like med interviews or a bit more business casual like a job interview?
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