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  1. My status turned to 'deny' today, doesn't matter because I already accepted UofT lol
  2. Congrats! For those who got their offers-- please join the facebook group! https://www.facebook.com/groups/1222117311304421/
  3. From a previous group: 'About this question, I actually asked about the difference between some MHI programs after I was done my presentation. I was told from the professor interviewing me that all are great programs. He said Waterloo seems to focus a tad more on engineering, Mac is a bit more business, and UofT is more organizational, meaning that "U of T essentially wants all the CIOs to come from here". That's just one source though so take it as you will'
  4. Hey guys, here is the facebook page - please join!! https://www.facebook.com/groups/1222117311304421/ If the link doesn't work, just type 'Master of Health Informatics UofT Fall 2019' in the facebook search bar.
  5. Can someone message me their Facebook name? I need to add atleast one person to the group while I'm creating it
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