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  1. Unfortunately all I know is what is posted on these gradcafe forums and on the University websites. Even though I'm local I don't know anyone personally who has completed these programs.
  2. I applied to regular stream and during my interview they told me I should be considering the executive stream instead (because of my long work history) and if I would like to be considered for both programs, to which I said yes. I then got an offer for the executive stream. I'm happy with this outcome because I can continue working and they'll help me to set up a project. I think executive is catered to those with significant work experience but they are also aiming to enroll 20-25 in the regular and 10-15 in the executive.
  3. I think they offer you emhi only because they want to try and fill the emhi stream with enough students so that they can run both programs. I hear what you are saying about it being shorter but keep in mind we also start the program three months earlier than the regular stream. So we probably finish only 3 months later instead of six months later. Don't we actually end up doing more in class because we need to take 1.5 electives whereas the regular stream only takes 0.5 elective? With the executive, I'm a bit worried about getting enough practical experience in the field since I will be doing a project instead of a 4 month full time practicum. Of course the main benefit of the executive is financial, and still being able to work while going to school. Also since this a full time program, I plan to take out funds from my rsp via the lifelong learning plan.
  4. Thanks everyone for your support during this application process. All the best in everyone's future endeavors!
  5. @RN_HI I'm leaning towards accepting it. Did you get an offer to both streams or just the executive? I think it would be a pretty small group. I think there's 35 total students and I reckon 10-15 would be from the executive stream and 20-25 would be from the regular? Are you going to accept it?
  6. I got an offer today around 3pm for the executive stream. Anyone else got an offer for the executive stream? It starts June 21st.
  7. Congrats. Lots of offers coming out today. I still haven't heard anything. Hopefully tomorrow!
  8. Hello all, I still haven't heard anything back at this point and my status is still under review. I really expected to hear back something today. Up until now I haven't contacted them but I just emailed Zoe a few minutes ago in the hopes this will elicit a response. Hoping I'll at least get onto a waiting list. To the people who got an official offer today... Did they mention how long you have to reply? Did they mention how many people applied to the program? Thanks and good luck to those who are still waiting.
  9. To those who got an offer: Congrats! and... are you going to accept the offer or are you considering other options? Anyone doing the executive stream?
  10. Thank you mystreee. Yeah, I never got an email to create an JoinID for some reason. For those who've gotten an offer... Did your status sgs application change to "Decision Made". Mine still says "under review". Thanks.
  11. Did you receive this email because you were applying for the MHI program or did you request an Acorn account? I'm thinking perhaps you getting that email is an indication that they were going to offer you admission so they could update your status to "invited"? I've not gotten any such email.
  12. I would agree the job market is pretty good. I get contacted at least once every couple of months by recruiters. It's true you can take online courses to upgrade the MSc to the AuD. One possible advantage in the states is there may be more opportunities for the less common jobs in audiology like cochlear implants, research, teaching college or university courses related to audiology, and vestibular assessment/rehab. But I'm not certain if this is the case.
  13. Do you have to be a recent U of T student to have this acorn account?
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