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  1. Hey guys!! I'm currently in the MHI program at UofT and would love to answer any questions. Feel free to message me.
  2. Yup I'll be joining you at UofT!! I'm still waiting to hear back from UW but my first choice was UofT so I'll be happily accepting my offer.
  3. Congrats @sun.flower! Good luck to everyone else 🙂
  4. Nope. I actually didn't even know early acceptance was a thing.
  5. Yay congrats! Nope it still shows Under Review so i'm a bit nervous as well lol.
  6. Thanks!! My interview was on March 4th and I received the offer through email around 2pm yesterday. It was an early admission though and I have to complete some extra stuff (that's why they sent it to me early) but I think everyone should be hearing back by March 29th.
  7. I heard back from UofT but nothing from Waterloo yet. I'm hoping they're still sending out emails.
  8. Congratulations!! I still haven't heard anything back from Waterloo so hopefully they're still sending out acceptances.
  9. Ouu I didn't even know this was a thing. Can someone please link it to me? Thank you 😊
  10. I remember her asking a lot of questions about how I can incorporate my clinical skills while working in an analytic position. As well, in my opinion, what is the biggest health issue in the community and what solution can I come up with to fix that. Also, am I an innovator or fixer? I think out of all the interviewers, I had the most natural interview process with Julia.
  11. Tho wanted to clarify that the scenario based questions were specific to my presentation. They don't just randomly ask about a topic in health informatics. Good luck guys!!
  12. The questions after the presentation portion itself was scenario based for me. However, for the other 2 portions, they're more behavioural based.
  13. I had a copy of my slides with me so I just used that but you can definitely bring notes with you.
  14. Don't worry too much about the presentation. It's one on one and everyone is very nice. They asked me a couple of challenging questions but they're not looking for a right answer just how you think. Good luck 😀
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