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  1. Hey guys, this is super random but I thought I'd pass along the info: https://mobilesyrup.com/2019/04/09/spotify-premium-google-home-mini-free-canada/ If you're a spotify premium account holder, you can sign up to receive a free google home mini!! Happy Tuesday and best of luck with the offers.
  2. I did the exact same program for my undergrad from UW!
  3. congratulations @iakuasa, @Boy.Genius and @F11!!!! Excited to meet you all!!! We should start a fb group once all offers have gone out
  4. I’m so sorry! This didn’t pop up for me for some reason 😕. Thank you! I actually saw it after but want to believe that they update acorn first (I read previous years reviews on gradcafe lol)
  5. if you log onto acorn and view your dashboard, it will say "Academics" and right below it there is "Degree Registration Status". Under that there could be a spot that says "MHI Fall/winter - 2019/20120 Invited"
  6. Thank you! Will you be accepting UofT?! I know you were waiting to hear back from UW.
  7. Thank you guys so much! I received it at 3 PM today and was notified by email. My status on the portal changed so if you guys check acorn you might get a hint!
  8. Hi guys I know how anxious and nervous we all are, I just wanted to pass along that I received my offer today. Hope to see you all in September!
  9. Are you interviewing for the eMHI stream or regular? Good luck!!
  10. Thank you guys so much. I was really in tears. Hopefully we all hear back with some good news. Wondering what happened with the candidate that interviewed with me, who received a different response from Zoe :/
  11. I am very confused and frustrated atm... I hope offers are still coming out
  12. someone who interviewed with me followed up and apparently Zoe said that offers have already been sent out... really saddened by this news.
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