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  1. Ohh really?? Can I ask where you heard that from
  2. Did you get a response? They didn’t reply to my email or update my quest it still says application 😔
  3. Did you end up getting a response? Mine still says application till this day ughhh 😢
  4. Hey guys I know this forum has died down since everyone appeared to already get their acceptances but I was just wondering if anyone’s status on Waterloo still says “application”? Anyone else on the same boat? I’m finding it weird how I haven’t received a decision, even if it’s a rejection. Did anyone recently get an offer? I’d appreciate any replies. Thanks!
  5. Anyone heard back from Waterloo yet? Either offer or rejection?
  6. Really did they get an email or was the update on Quest? Also do you know how many people?
  7. So far it appears that only 2 people in this forum got accepted to Waterloo? Or have any more been accepted? I'm really starting to get disheartened now 😢
  8. Anyone heard back from Waterloo? This silence is killing me its the only school I applied to
  9. Hey has anyone that applied to Waterloo heard back? I'm super anxious.
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