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  1. Omg that’s so cool! Congrats on SAIC! How did you get a TA position?
  2. Just Heard from MICA did not get accepted or even waitlisted. Now I have to decide if I want to go to OTIS MFA Graphic Design. Thoughts? Would really appreciate it.
  3. well never mind just look at my application portal and I did not make it. Did anyone get news about MICA yet?
  4. what program? I am waiting for a reply to the MFA graphic design program.
  5. Any one hear from MICA Graphic Design? RISD Graphic design? I have not received anything.
  6. I had a hard time checking as well. So I did apply now in the parson's website and it linked me to create or sign in. I went through that and it let me into the admission hub. But I got an email before checking so maybe you get it later some day?
  7. Literally, Just got an email from Parsons and did not get in oh well Still waiting on RISD and MICA ( got accepted to OTIS)
  8. Has anyone received anything from Parsons, RISD, or MICA?
  9. No, I did not get an interview request. That's why I went to the website and saw they had a chat with admission feature. They told me I would get it sometime this week?
  10. I just got a reply from MICA saying the MICA MFA Graphic Design will hear from them this week. If you want to know you can go to MICAs website and just do the chat feature and chat with admissions about the status of emails in general.
  11. What Department in MICA? I have not received one yet and now I am just waiting and keep refreshing lol
  12. Hey Everyone! I'm so nervous!!! Literally checking my phone and portal every second. I applied to : OTIS (Graphic Design)- GOT ACCEPTED🌟 SAIC(Graphic Design) - got a rejection letter and email in Feb. 😒 RISDI ( Graphic Design) MICA (Graphic Design) The New School Parsons ( Fine Arts) Have not received anything. Does anyone have updates???
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