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  1. I agree, that is very interesting. I too have heard nothing one way or another. Best wishes to all!
  2. Awesome! Congratulations!! I expect the rejection emails will be going out this week then. Best wishes to you and your success in the program!
  3. Thank you so much for finding an answer for those of us left waiting. Best wishes to all!
  4. Congratulations! I got the impression from Brandon that interviews were part of the selection process. Since I was not asked to interview I now have my answer. A bit disappointed since this was the only program I applied to but at least I can stop spinning my wheels. Best wishes!
  5. It truly is. I've tried calling Brandon and it goes to voicemail. A part of me believes they are conducting a social experiment to determine just how frustrated they can make their applicants. I believe UIC is the last program to make their admission decisions.
  6. Has anyone heard anything from UIC today?
  7. How did your interview go? Did they let you know when you would hear back from them? Today is the day Brandon said emails would be sent out but still nothing, on my end.
  8. That is the impression I got but I also hope not. It will be good to finally have an answer tomorrow. I hope you get great news!
  9. I just called and spoke with Brandon at UIC who said that he got word that emails regarding acceptance will be sent on Monday. It also sounds like interviews are part of the selection process. I did not get an interview request so think it's time to start my weekend early! Good luck everyone! I hope Monday brings you all good news!
  10. For those of us still waiting on an answer and trying to brace ourselves for another year before we can reapply, your response, Sarcasm and Coffee, may seem a bit insensitive ("Haha"). I'd just like to say that I sincerely wish you well in your decision process. The world of public health needs optimism and champions of hope. As a JHSPH MPH graduate, if you have been accepted to their DrPH program I fully believe you will be transformed by your global collegiate experience. The faculty there, many who have spent 4+ decades in the field, remain hopeful and inspiring. Sarcasm you will not find among them at JHSPH.
  11. Reality check: Have you had an interview, either F2F or Skype, with you school of choice? if not, and you haven't heard yet if you have been accepted, please ease your anxiety and concentrate on how to position yourself best for your DrPH 2020 application.
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