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  1. Thank you for the advice! I've thought about a lot of different options, and I think this will work out best for me. The programs I've looked into, regardless of it being online have opportunities for research with the faculty so I'm hoping everything will work out in the long run.
  2. Current circumstances would make it hard for me to attend an on-site program, that was definitely my first choice, and there are no on-site programs near where I am currently living considering the field is still pretty small. Do you think waiting until i am able to attend an on-site to accumulate research experience/ make connection would be extremely impactful? I was hoping for a Masters degree to begin a career in that field (and also something to alleviate my undergrad grades) and eventually get into a place where I would be considered for a PhD/PsyD program.
  3. Career advancement, but also an opportunity to apply to a clinical PhD program in Forensic Psyc in the future. There was no way I would get into a PhD program with how I did as an undergrad so I went ahead and found work and research experience with a clinical psychologist in the behavioral psyc field after completing my BA. My letters of rec are outstanding and so is my CV, but my grades during undergrad is what I'm scared will hold me back. Thank you for answering btw!
  4. I've applied to a couple Forensic Psyc Masters Programs and am currently waiting for responses. Does anyone know if online programs typically ask to interview? My first choice is UCI so any information on their Master of Legal and Forensic Psychology would be awesome.
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