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  1. Thank you. Just received a decision letter. Unfortunately, rejected. Hope you will receive a favourable decision!
  2. No, I didn't receive any reply yet. Good luck
  3. For sure you can contact the faculty and it is possible that it will increase your chances if they will be interested in you. I think you can always try, anyway it won't result in any bad consequences. Good luck!
  4. Hello everyone, Applied for 3rd round. Anyone accepted for Biological Sciences?
  5. Anyone applied MS Biomedical Informatics at Harvard (deadline is 15 March)? Also, would be great to hear your opinion on my chances for the above program. Briefly, International UG cGPA ~2.8, major GPA ~3.5 with "A" in Bioinformatics class (not a major of Biostat/Informatics) Front co-author in 3-4 high impact factor pubs (1st author in AACR conference Abstract), 3 year wet lab, internship, awards, a few more pubs on the way with one/few as 1st author. Thank you. Good luck everybody!
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