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  1. Hi Eshemomoh. That depends on the faculty members you contacted and the mail you sent. I know of researchers from other universities that don't even respond to prospective students' mails if they see a very "common" email. If you include comments about their papers, what would you like to work in with them in a very specific way and so on they will be more likely to answer. All of that said, even if none of them writes you back they will be considered when you are interviewed so you should not worry about them not responding.
  2. Hi jk786, you are part of the second round, right? From what I have read and my own experience I think you should hear from them by the end of February or mid-March. I would avoid sending emails asking about your application status, since they will likely only respond that it is still under review, also, some guys think they are testing our patience. Best of luck!
  3. Hi, Izakawa! I don´t think your application will be rejected based on that. However, for what I have read from previous years applicants, you may have to go through one (or two) extra interview(s) so they can find a suitable advisor for you. Best of luck!
  4. Mates, I had been really bussy, but I want to update on my application. I had a final interview on 10th January and aeceived an acceptance letter three days after that. Best of luck to all of you! Hope to see you at KAUST.
  5. I didn't get a second interview, I already have a prospective professor on KAUST, though, and they contacted her on December 3rd to ask some things about me (one month after the academic interview). I think you should have your final decision very soon, since Spring semester starts around Jan 26
  6. Greetings pixie! I applied for fall 2019, had one academic interview on november and still no response since then. I hope you get a response soon! Best of luck! Alex
  7. Hi, Ismail! It is great to know more people who have applied. Did you apply at the second round? For what program? Yes! I wish you best of luck! Regars, Alex
  8. Applied mathematics and computer science ?
  9. Thank you very much! ? Same! What program will you apply for?
  10. Since there is no forum for KAUST admissions for Fall 2019, I decided to open one. I applied on october 13th, still no response. Best!
  11. Hi, everybody. To be honest, I come from a rural community and don´t have the money to apply to several graduate programs. That is why I want help so I can narrow my choices and avoid spending money on application fees for universities I don´t even have a decent chance to get accepted at (I don´t know how my profile compares to average international students). Here is my profile: Major: Two at UNAM in México. One in Physics and other in Mathematics GPA: both 9.5/10 Research experience: Several posters, seminar talks and worked as associated student at various institutes TOE
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