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  1. skvans13

    2019 MPH CANADA

    I am hoping to learn a little bit more about the 1-year Brock MPH program as well. If it is not too much to ask, would you be able to share/message me any information or thoughts you have about the program? It would really help me with making my decision on which program I should choose!
  2. skvans13

    2019 MPH CANADA

    Both programs are great and it comes down to personal preference! I feel that SFU's program is a bit better than UBC's mainly because it has CEPH accreditation, which can make you stand out more when you apply for public health jobs, especially in the States. It also seems that SFU's MPH community is more close-knit than UBC's. UBC obviously has the bigger university appeal to it, if that matters to you personally. You can't really go wrong with either decision!
  3. skvans13

    2019 MPH CANADA

    I received an email notification this morning that I got accepted to the MPH programs at Lakehead and Brock. It says the same thing on my portal pages. It's strange that I received these updates on a Sunday!
  4. skvans13

    2019 MPH CANADA

    I'm a BC applicant. I got accepted to SFU MPH today at around 2pm. I received an email and a status change on the portal. They also gave me an entrance scholarship! Still waiting to hear back from UBC and a few other schools.

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