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  1. No not yet, it still says submitted on the portal. I emailed the admissions office and they said how all interviews were given so it doesn't seem like I'll make it to the next round, buuuut it's not final yet. Still waiting. (I applied for the MFA in Graphic Design 2 year program there)
  2. What program did you get in for at CalArts?
  3. Hey! I actually have a BA in art and am finishing an AOS in Pratt for Gfx design. It helped me develop a more solid portfolio and skills. I was only accepted to 1 mfa program 2 years ago when I applied, and now I got into 3. ^^ Let me know if you have questions, but yes as stated an Associates is not the same as an MFA, though tbh it is still very valuable.
  4. I got rejected at Risd too, and honestly am heavily considering Otis as well. So far I love the classes they offer, seems like a good program though not as highly ranked as other schools. Trying to gather more insight too lol.
  5. Oh and to clarify, I applied for the MFA Graphic design programs.
  6. Hi all! Been heavily lurking this thread, decided to officially sign up haha. Thanks for all your insights, I do appreciate it! For me I applied to and got into Pratt / Otis. I got rejected from BU. And now I’m waiting for Cal arts, art center, and RISD. Fingers crossed. I heard risd will let us know by Friday from twitter. I saw cal arts release their BA admissions a day ago. So nervous 👀
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