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  1. Thank you!! I'll try to respond on here when I open it.
  2. Hey, I just received the official e-mail too but I'm afraid to check it right now because I'm at work. I'll definitely check it later when I get home. Did your e-mail just say Your Admissions Decision is Now Available and then you checked the portal?
  3. Also just wondering if they sent out rejections yet
  4. I see, I hope you get in! I hope they e-mail me soon. Do you know of any other applicants that got in or rejected?
  5. I interviewed on March 1st and I haven't heard anything I heard from someone that applied to scenic design that they were accepted yesterday so I'm very worried but trying to keep my hopes up. I hope I'm on a waitlist too but I haven't received any communication from the department since my interview.
  6. Also did you hear back yet? (sorry I think I replied in the wrong format above lol, I applied to film design)
  7. Anyone hear back from this program yet or know a notification of decision date?
  8. Yes! I haven't heard anything from then yet, did you? (edit: just realized what year it is haha)
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