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  1. Thank you for your suggestion. What about UC Irvine? Do you think I can put that as a target school?
  2. It is top 160 national university as ranked by USNews and R1 research University. Thank you for your reply
  3. Edit: Reach: Penn State, NC State, Texas A&M, Michigan State Target: UC Irvine, UC Davis, Virginia Tech, University of Pitt Safety: UT Dallas, University of Cincinnati
  4. Type of Student: International (South Asian) Undergrad Institution: Large Public University in South East USA Majors: Physics and Mathematics (B.S) Minor: Computer Science GPA: 3.9 GRE: Not taken yet (I expect to get V: 150+, Q: 165+) Applying to: Statistics phd (concentrating on computational statistics) Research Experience: Worked with the Physics Professor for a year. It involved a lot of data analysis and programming. Worked on Gini Statistics and Gini Correlation with statistics professor over the summer. Produced publishable result, but won't
  5. Thank you so much guys for your reply. Also, I am an international student. How much difference will it make if I am applying to the colleges with ranking in the range of 20-40?
  6. Hello Everyone, I am a junior doing double major in mathematics and Physics at large public university(top 200,US). I have decided to go to Stat grad school. By the time I graduate I will have taken all the classes mentioned below. Do you all have any recommendations on what other classes should I take to make my application strong? Besides classes and GRE, what do you think I should focus on to make my application strong. I want to get to top 40sh(based on US news) stat program. Mathematics Courses Linear algebra Differential equationsI/II Calculus I,II,III,IV(computation
  7. Hello everyone, I am a Physics and Mathematics undergrad. I want to get into the field of Machine Learning and AI. Based on my background, what major should I choose in graduate school? I am confused between Computer Science and Statistics. Being a math and Physics major, how hard will it be for me to get into a good CS school?
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