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  1. I have not been invited. I just saw that in grad cafe admission page. I would love to know that as well.
  2. Saw an interview invite from Berkeley statistics in the admission page. Is anyone else invited?
  3. Based on previous trends, when do the first round of acceptances start to roll in?
  4. I have been comunicating with some students that are already in the programs I am applying to. Someone told me that out of incoming class of 12 in their school last year, 7 of them deferred their admission for Fall 2021. So, I will be competing for only 5-6 slots this year. This sort of makes sense but I just wanted to verify if this is the case for almost every program this year. All of you already attending Stat phd programs, would you be able to shed some light into this? On a side note, am I the only one taking things too seriously but graduate school applications is extremely
  5. I have been considering Michigan State as well. I have also been looking at UConn and they have pretty good strength in high dimensional statistics. But do you know how large is their incoming cohort size? They only list graduate assistants on their website and there are 57 of them but they do not mention if those assistants are masters student. However, their department also states that only PhD students get funding so I assume they are mostly PhD students. If they accept around 10 students a year, I would be happy to apply there.
  6. I ended up significantly revising my list. Do you all think Florida State and Pittsburgh can be considered safety for my profile? If not, can anyone suggest more suitable safety with decent cohort size?
  7. Yes, there are couple of professors who I would very much like to work with. But the wording of FAQs on their website is at best rude and at worst f**k you to the applicants. I am still weighing my options with Purdue.
  8. Yeah, I was surprised. CMU has always been my dream school and I probably checked more than 10 times until first week of November. But I did not check after that until this week due to final exams. I emailed them and the admission officer asked me to have the letters emailed to them rather than upload it on the portal. I could totally have misread but I wanted to check if anyone else noticed that as well. If it was the case, we will probably have some more people expressing that concern here as Dec 18 approaches.
  9. How have your background and life experiences, including cultural, geographical, financial, educational, or other opportunities or challenges, motivated your decision to pursue a graduate degree at the University of Michigan? This is a prompt of personal (diversity) statement of Michigan. I am a minority who grew up in a war plagued zone and had an uncommon childhood. I have also contributed to diversity in my role as a resident assistant in a college dorm. So, I think I have a decent non-trivial story to tell. However, I am a moron and spent all my time doing mathematics as a kid. A
  10. Is it only me who was misguided but Carnegie Mellon recently changed their deadline of application? I made a google sheet of all the universities along with their deadlines about a month ago, and came back yesterday after the final exams. Back then Carnegie Mellon listed their deadline as December 18, I checked their website last night and their deadline was Dec 1, which fortunately was moved to Dec 4 because of a system outage. I submitted the application in rush as I had most of the materials ready but I do not know when my references will submit the letters. Their website says that the let
  11. Thank you for your honest assessment. I knew I was over ambitious with those schools, but I am just taking chances. As long as I will get into couple of schools from my list, I am fine with spending couple of hundreds extra in application.
  12. Undergrad: Big State School ranked around 150 Major: Mathematics, with Minor in Computer Science GPA: 4.0 Student Type: International Male Courses: Undergraduate: Calculus Series, Into Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, Proofs and Logic, Discrete Mathematics, Undergraduate Advanced Calculus Series, Intro to Programming, Object Oriented Programming, Data Structures, Data Science in Python, Data Visualization in R, Database System, Elementary Number Theory, Complex Analysis. Graduate: Group Theory, Mathematical Statistics I, Mathematical Statistics II, Anal
  13. Hello Everyone, I took my GRE couple of days ago and got 326 (168 on Math and 158 on Verbal). I am applying for phd in statistics and I believe that my score on math section is fine for the most programs, but the verbal score is probably less than their average for good schools. Since I am an international student, I think I would not be judged too harshly on that verbal score but I just wanted to ask here. Should I submit these scores to schools like U Michigan, UT Austin who have made GRE optional?
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