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  1. Hi all, I've been accepted to the MSc in Global Affairs at the SPS in NYU. Super excited and happy when I got the offer. I love NY and living there has been a dream of mine so I'm very inclined to accept the offer. My goal is also to work in policy analysis and/or counter-terrorism/violent extremism in a think tank, NGO, international organization etc. But my concerns are: 1) the cost: I'll have to take a loan of $80k-100k to cover tuition, living expenses + everything. BIG deal. 2) I'd want to stay in the US to work. What would my chances be to find work in NY or anywhere in the US
  2. Hey guys! Congratulations to everyone on here who got in! I'm a domestic student and Carleton Central for NPSIA still says "under review by department". I'm slightly confused as this means that I'm on waitlist or that I'm not getting in? Doesn't NPSIA send out rejections if that's the deal? I did email Tabattha last week about it but still haven't heard back. Also, are NPSIA admissions all out now (except international?) Thanks :)
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