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  1. Real analysis has time conflict with one of my core classes in the fall unfortunately. Do you think a class on point-set topology will suffice to show that I can do math?
  2. I'm a first-year (second-term) MS student in Statistics looking to apply for PhD programs in Statistics. Unfortunately, I don't think I will have Real Analysis on my transcript by the time I apply (right now I can - and will - only take those classes next year - 2021). What type of universities/programs do you think will admit someone like me? Maybe programs that focus on applied stats/data science? Should I go to work first for 1-2 years and then apply with Real Analysis on transcript? A little bit about my background (I will post much more detail come the Fall term): I currently have 4.
  3. Much thanks for the replies @bayessays and @icantdoalgebra! So I should exclude this information (VP of AI Club) from my application package?
  4. Hi all, I'm wondering if extracurricular activities are relevant at all for PhD admissions? More specifically, is being "Vice President of Artificial Intelligence Club" strengthen my profile for PhD applications in Statistics? Thanks!
  5. I have emailed the school and they said they are fine with me withdrawing my acceptance. Thank you so much for your advice!
  6. Thanks!! I will do that tomorrow morning. Just to make sure: do I email the department or the graduate school? Also, have you seen someone in a similar situation before?
  7. Hi guys, Today (April 17), my first choice sent me a funding offer - I was on their waitlist. I really want to take this offer, but I already accepted another offer on April 15. What should I do next? My current advisor told me that I should not accept my first choice before getting a written release from the other school. Is there anyone who was in the same situation before? What did you do? Thanks!
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