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  1. Did they email it to you?
  2. Has anyone received a Facebook group link for the MPH class of 2020 yet?
  3. yes, I believe that's good. This was my first time applying. Are you waiting to hear from Western and/or another university?
  4. They just said that they don’t have numbers assigned to the people on the waitlist. I read somewhere that they are evaluating applicants on the waitlist holistically and trying to have a diverse class.
  5. They presented an offer of admission. No mention of a waitlist at all in the email. Basically there will be movement on the waitlist until Aug. Some people have to withdraw due to financial reasons and others (international students) are not able to physically be present in Canada by Aug due to immigration issues. Before I was accepted, I was told that there WILL be movement on the waitlist until Aug, but didn’t say if everyone on the waitlist will be accepted. I’d highly recommend calling Diana Lee. She’s so sweet and helpful.
  6. They didn’t say anything about the program being full.
  7. Congratulations!!! Did you also get a phone call? I missed mine I haven't come across a facebook group yet. But we can make an informal one if you'd like?
  8. Thank you so much! It says I have to accept by June 13. My application was literally with the committee during my phone call. It was so nerve-wrecking. But I was told that there WILL be movement on the waitlist. They said some international students' visas don't go through, and if they physically can not make it to Canada in early August, then they pull from the waitlist. There will definitely be waitlist movement in June & August (I don't know much about July). I hope you hear good news soon!!
  9. Sit tight and call the manager, Diana tomorrow morning. I believe they are still evaluating them for another round. I understand how nerve-wrecking it is..... they said there will be movement until August
  10. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this. I called the office after reading it and they said I should hear about whether I’ll get an offer or stay on the waitlist this week. I was sent an email not too long after that: I have been accepted!! I am so grateful for all of your support xo they said there will be movement on the waitlist until August. I’d highly recommend calling the manager.
  11. Many congratulations on your acceptance! May I please know if you learned anything about the acceptance from waitlist and how many seats could possibly be given? I am anxiously awaiting a response. Thank you!
  12. Has anyone called them recently to inquire about how many students have submitted their deposits; in other words, how many possible waitlisted spots are available? This waiting game is wild!
  13. I believe they said 60 spots all the best!
  14. Is it just me or are you all super nervous for June to start?
  15. Please don’t be concerned or quote me. There are a lot of other holistic factors to be considered as well. They want a more diverse class, so they could pull people off the waitlist in order to achieve that. The good news is that they don’t have a numbered waitlist.
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