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  1. On 8/28/2020 at 12:01 PM, theGoodGhosts said:

    Got my TA assignment... PAPM 1001, "The Policy Cycle".

    I have very limited policy experience, and my first class on policy will be the mandatory "Policy Process and International Affairs" 1/2 semester class this Fall... so... not super confident with this assignment.

    Pretty sure they will get you up to speed quickly.  With your education and experience you'll have no problems... 

  2. 19 hours ago, theGoodGhosts said:

    Intelligence and International Affairs is also an IPIS elective (cross-listed as IPIS 5303), so some of the spots may have been taken by students either doing MIPIS or the IPIS graduate diploma.

    Like Elle said I assumed ( ...And we all know what happens when you assume something...) that since IPIS  shared some of the courses NPSIA would ensure that there would be enough seats that both sections got access.  

    I see that NPSIA Students Assoc. had a blurb on FB that many students over enrolled.  Possibly that is what happened...   Who knows?!   <shrug>

  3. 18 hours ago, theGoodGhosts said:

    Ooh, a new class has appeared in Carleton Central! INAF 5409: "Turkish Foregin [sic] Policy"

    Jesus... talk about niche...

    Or was it always there, and my mind just blanked it out?

    Cornering the niche Turkish market since 1908...   It's been there since last week, if it had been about the Syrian War or something similar I  would have considered it. 

  4. 1 hour ago, ElleG said:

    Yeah - I am in IIA. I emailed them and asked wh ythey only had 2 courses and Kailey said they didn't anticipate such high demand or something along those lines. I may be crazy but I feel like other specialties got more selection than us with only 2 courses.


    I am curious if this was an issue last year.

    The impression i got was that this had been happening for sometime.  Why would students going into their second year need to grab what are essentially first year courses...  I though that given the present circumstances they would expand the class sizes in order to handle the issues.  

  5. 1 hour ago, theGoodGhosts said:

    Tentatively scheduled for Internet Governance! I wanted to take Technology and War, but it was full :(

    Doh... disregard. I thought I'd signed up for Internet Governance, but apparently signed up for Global Public Policy as well as Humanitarian Assistance instead (?)

    Yeah was looking at those two also.... Alas, full, no waitlist....  😕   Oops, Apparently Global policy is still open....  Not sure if I will sign up for that or not..


    Update:  Signed up for Global Policy.  Any chance of getting into the actual specialization courses seem to be nil and next to nil apparently... 

  6. 6 hours ago, rkb said:

    Haha I knew some ppl, like me, d have difficulty enrolling in courses :( currently at 1.0 credit right now for the Fall semester (those three mandatory Fall courses), but still I must add 0.5 course otherwise I dont think I d be able to maintain a full time status? (1.5 Fall / 1.5 Winter = 3.0 credits) This is really ridiculous; cant enroll in my own specialization courses/ in other courses since they r being reserved for other specializations... lol 

    Put in an over-ride request for your specialization course.  I ran into the same problem and that is what they suggested.  Can't hurt to try.   i am going to contact the office this week to ask why this happened...

  7. Update from facebook:

    badge icon
    Another registration update for everyone's info: NPSIA will not be using a wait list system this year, should courses become full. Instead, the administration asks that override requests be submitted. Please DO NOT submit override requests for courses outside your specialization; these will become open to everyone on July 10.
    To submit an override request form, log into Carleton Central. Under "Registration", select "Registration Override Requests". The application will guide you through the remainder of the process.
    Questions? DM us!
  8. 4 minutes ago, ElleG said:

    My winter semester was easy peasy lemon squeezy - everything worked perfectly and all the courses were still open. I really don't know why Fall semster was being weird

    Yeah that's weird.... I'll have some questions about that for the FGPA on Monday...


    What did you pick for the winter??

  9. Just now, ElleG said:

    They open other courses in a week so I may just enroll in a course in a different field, but it is odd that they filled up before 10:30. My slot wasn't even late but everything was already full thats a little weird

    Yeah I agree, it is strange that they would let both IIA courses fill up so quick...

  10. 1 minute ago, irnerd said:

    Dumb question but how do i know if the class is full? If the status is still open does that mean spaces are left? 

    I have the fortunate of having a 3 30 start time...

    I went into the search page for INAF.  It lists all courses and right now 5202, 5204, 5244, and 5805 all full...

    3:30??  damn... 2:30 is bad enough but...  Sorry man..

  11. 1 minute ago, IR_Fan said:

    I'm in DFP, also curious to see what anyone in this field designation is opting for as well. My time ticket opens up at 14:30. 






    5100 - Canada in Int'l Affairs



    5403 - Diplomacy and Foreign Policy

    5429 - Sel. Topics in DFP (might change this one)

    5703 - International Public Economics



    There are a couple courses that look really interesting and 5100 - Canada in Int'l Affairs is one.  The 5210 Technology and War looks interesting also.   Maybe I'll do them during the summer semester if they are offered..  lol

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