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  1. Yes yes yes yes yes. Still apply!! I was having a conversation with another SLP in my program and two first year AuD students and I was the only one who got above a 300 and barely. It's definitely not impossible to get in with lower than a 300. But just make sure the schools don't have a minimum GRE scores because they won't even be able to look at your application if your quant score is under it.
  2. Thank you!! I applied to 9. If I could go back an apply again I would do it very differently. One thing to be aware of with some California schools you may have to take the CBEST.
  3. Look at east coast schools. Some areas have more schools and can be easier to get into making them less competitive. While the west coast has less schools making them more competitive.
  4. I applied to: Sac State - rejected Chico State - rejected San Jose State - reject San Diego State University - rejected Loma Linda University - waitlisted I’m currently attending Arizona State University. My GPA was 3.8, GRE score 148, 152, 4. I was a student athlete (2 years), Vice President of my sorority, Vice President of NSSLHA, had research experience, and volunteer hours. I also thought I had strong letters of recommendation. I hope this helps.
  5. Hi! I’m currently attending ASU’s graduate program. They are ranked about #17 nationally, I believe. I have to say that a lot of our clinical faculty have they’re masters or are there just to focus on clinic and are not doing research. They care about you so much and want to grow you into a clinician. That’s why they are there. Because it is in Tempe there are many medical focused options across the San tan valley. You do a 5 week rotation in addition to clinic, where you follow a medical SLP. Which is a really cool experience. They also have a hearing supervisor who I am under now. She has a a group of clients, kids and adults, with different varying levels of hearing loss. Some of them even use sign language. I didn’t even know this was a population we could work with but it has been an amazing experience. They also do a hearing loss Summer camp during the summer semester. I think it’s worth looking into. They only downside may be the heat. If you have any other questions feel free to ask or direct message me.
  6. Hi! I went here for my undergrad and applied here, so I have some insight. I believe you can send your links before you submit your transcripts. Do you have any specific questions about UNR I could answer for you? Also feel free to direct message me as well.
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