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  1. I think that is totally fine. Just state your assumptions and say something like: The conjunction of these positions are hold by XXX (papers' names). It is compelling since.... it is beyond the scope of the paper to do justice on defending these claims, for some defenses, see... (names of papers that provide a detailed defense). I think Glasperlenspieler's advice about considering the connection between these assumptions and your argument is really worth of consideration. But bear in mind that you can still argue for a conditional thesis that if X is the case, then Y is the case, which is still helpful to the debate on the table in a certain way. Just clarify in which way this thesis is important to the debate. Then you are good.
  2. Not sure if here is right place to post such an inquiry, but nvm. I don't know BGSU, but I think all UA acceptances and wait-lists are out, though no rejections are sent.
  3. I emailed MIT. They have not yet officially cancelled the prospective visit, but they said that there is a good chance.
  4. In at Simon Fraser. I will decline soon. Hope you get in!
  5. Waitlisted at MIT. It is my first choice. Fingers cross.
  6. In at Stanford. Received an informal email from Jared Warren. I am appalled. It is appalling. It makes my week, and perhaps my life... Feel a little bit unreal now.
  7. I am also waitlisted at Pitt. Don't know what my chances are. Fingers crossed.
  8. Rejected from Yale. It is not a good fit. I guess I apply simply because my adviser is from Yale. lol. Congrats to those accepted!
  9. Waitlisted at Michigan via email. Cannot believe it. I thought I will be definitely rejected....
  10. Waitlisted at UW Madison. Notified by email.
  11. Rejected by University of Chicago and referred to MAPH program.
  12. Can someone claim the offer of UT and share one's AOI and the topic of writing sample? Is the offer official or personal?
  13. I got the same feeling and I really understand the unease you feel. I keep worrying about the flaws of the sample even my advisor says that the sample is at least decent (indeed I am worrying about whether he just skims the paper). But I would suggest that we should not think too much about it now. Reassurance would not help much and there is nothing we can do now for the current round application... I guess we would better let it go and revise it latter to prepare for a new round if the result is not ideal.
  14. I am a non-English speaker who studied in a non-elite UG in US. And I guess I had a PTSD on revising my writing sample since I was not satisfied with the argument but I couldn't find a way to fix it. My adviser (the only professor who matches my AOI in the department) was on leave this semester so that I couldn't get sufficient advice for fine-tuning the content of the paper (I am not blaming him. He helped me a lot in revising the paper. He just did not have enough time to read the paper thoroughly). I felt extremely anxious and disappointing every time when I reread it so that I tried to avoid reading it to escape from anxiety (I know this is just an excuse and I should definitely check everything). I didn't check grammar by myself after letting several professors read the paper. I thought that they will find the typo if there is any (I did revise the typos which they marked). Finally, after submitting three applications I was calm down a little bit and checked the grammar. I found many typos and that my introduction section is not well written. I fixed them, but all the three programs are great, and I guess I miss the shot. Though I applied to a huge list of phd/MA programs, they are all in a pretty high rank and now I am worrying about being shut out...
  15. Hi, I’d be glad to swap writing samples too (to both of you). I get some basic undergrad understanding of modal realism (my AOI is on dispositional account of modality anyway). Though I am not sure if I can provide substantial advice... My writing sample concerns the semantic analysis of disposition and dispositional account of modality. I am not a native English speaker... Probably get some typos or grammatical issues. I would be extremely thankful to any suggestions. Just pm me if you are interested.
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