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  1. I got the same feeling and I really understand the unease you feel. I keep worrying about the flaws of the sample even my advisor says that the sample is at least decent (indeed I am worrying about whether he just skims the paper). But I would suggest that we should not think too much about it now. Reassurance would not help much and there is nothing we can do now for the current round application... I guess we would better let it go and revise it latter to prepare for a new round if the result is not ideal.
  2. I am a non-English speaker who studied in a non-elite UG in US. And I guess I had a PTSD on revising my writing sample since I was not satisfied with the argument but I couldn't find a way to fix it. My adviser (the only professor who matches my AOI in the department) was on leave this semester so that I couldn't get sufficient advice for fine-tuning the content of the paper (I am not blaming him. He helped me a lot in revising the paper. He just did not have enough time to read the paper thoroughly). I felt extremely anxious and disappointing every time when I reread it so that I tried to avoid reading it to escape from anxiety (I know this is just an excuse and I should definitely check everything). I didn't check grammar by myself after letting several professors read the paper. I thought that they will find the typo if there is any (I did revise the typos which they marked). Finally, after submitting three applications I was calm down a little bit and checked the grammar. I found many typos and that my introduction section is not well written. I fixed them, but all the three programs are great, and I guess I miss the shot. Though I applied to a huge list of phd/MA programs, they are all in a pretty high rank and now I am worrying about being shut out...
  3. Hi, I’d be glad to swap writing samples too (to both of you). I get some basic undergrad understanding of modal realism (my AOI is on dispositional account of modality anyway). Though I am not sure if I can provide substantial advice... My writing sample concerns the semantic analysis of disposition and dispositional account of modality. I am not a native English speaker... Probably get some typos or grammatical issues. I would be extremely thankful to any suggestions. Just pm me if you are interested.
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