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  1. Has anyone received an on-campus interview invite to UNC Greensboro or Virginia Commonwealth? Thanks, all!
  2. Experienced this as well recently for a couple of schools. Stings!
  3. Feel like I can't breathe till I have at least one acceptance. I'm a second round applicant, and I don't have it in me to try a third time. Loads of informal interviews at this time, but really hoping these turn into in-person invites and/or acceptances.
  4. Would you mind messaging me your POI too?:) I also applied to Buffalo and didn't hear anything. Curious about developments! Thanks:)
  5. Now that we are starting to hear back for phone and in-person interviews, I was wondering if successful applicants (i.e., those that are admitted/in a program) can share their best interview advice?
  6. Nice! May I ask who you heard from at UMass?
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