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  1. Any word on whether Yale BQBS has finished sending out their invites? I've only seen 1 or 2 people report invites but nothing else...
  2. Does anybody know if it's time to give up hope for Yale's BQBS and CSHL?
  3. I think you might still have a good chance with Indiana University, but I'm honestly no expert on grad admissions. I wouldn't completely give up hope, but might look into ways to keep your foot in the door (ex. take a gap year to get more experience and boost your CV)
  4. Does anyone know whether Yale's BQBS invites are all sent out? I have a few interviews that overlap with the BQBS track's date and I'm really afraid to commit to another school just to be invited to Yale.
  5. Undergrad Institution: Small public PUI. Not sure about reputationMajor(s): BiochemistryMinor(s):GPA in Major: 3.93Overall GPA: 3.96Type of Student: Domestic FemaleGRE Scores (revised/old version): bless up GRExitQ:V:W:B:Research Experience: 2 years undergrad organic chemistry, 1 year undergrad molecular biology, 1.5 years post-bacc full-time - 2 publications.Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Outstanding achievement in Biochemistry from undergrad. Academic All-Conference for academics/athleticsPertinent Activities or Jobs: Part-time tutor in undergrad, full-time research assistant post-baccAny Misce
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