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  1. Any news from Stanford Neuroscience? Anyone? 😣
  2. For all of you bitting your nails off waiting to hear back from Stanford - I emailed them and this is what they just (one min ago) said : Dear .___,In the coming week, the committees will start to contact those applicants who have been selected for an interview. The selected applicants will be invited to interview, at our expense, arriving on Wednesday, March 4 and departing on Sunday, March 8, 2020. This is our only interview session. Highly qualified applicants residing in other countries and for whom a visit would not be possible may be selected for a telephone interview.In general, if an applicant has not heard about a possible invitation by late January, it is unlikely that he or she will be invited to Stanford or admitted. Applicants who are not selected for an interview will receive a letter which states that no further action will be taken on their application by the Committee on Graduate Admissions and Policy.Best regards,Stanford Biosciences
  3. Still nothing? This uncertainty is killing me...
  4. For the ones that applied and did not receive an interview invite from Harvard: did the status on your application chang already?
  5. I emailed PIN admissions on Thursday. This was their answer: "Yes I believe all applicants invited for an interview should have received an email on Thursday from the admissions committee. This year we had close to 700 applications for 17 slots. The committee of 30 faculty had a long, difficult deliberation. "
  6. do you know if they send rejection emails as well? did the status of your application change?
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