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  1. I didn't have a major subject during my undergraduate degree i studied various branches physics chemistry and math. My major in masters was chemistry
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    GPA conversion

    The deadline is 15 January. But they have stated on the application portal that i should use the formula they have provided. Not sure what to do *sigh*
  3. I know it is pretty late but I just want to know if I should apply to more safe universities. Country: India Undergraduate institution: Reputed university in India GPA: 60.75% (can't convert to US GPA as i am not sure which formula is correct) Master's from a private university. GPA: 3.7 Interested course: Ph.D. in materials science Research experience: I have done a 2 month project which led me to file a patent, a 4 month project (I am currently writing this paper) and there is another project going on right now. All these projects are related to my field of interest and were done in my postgraduate university. i have done no internships. I do have a book chapter that was accepted for publication by Springer International Publishers. Along with that I have presented a poster in an international conference. GRE: 163 q 163 v TOEFL: 111 Applied to: Uni of Michigan, Uni of Colorado Boulder, Georgia Tech (chemistry department), Casewestern Reserve (chem department), Texas A&M (currently struggling with the application), Uni of Delaware (considering to apply) Can you please suggest me where else to apply. Although deadlines for most of the universities are over but there might be some left. I am very confused whether I should aim higher or lower. Should I apply to universities having rank < 500. Please help!
  4. If the January deadline is priority deadline then yes your chances of getting admitted will be diminished
  5. Guys I need urgent help! I am applying to materials science and engineering department of texas a&m university and their application requires me to convert my GPA by multiplying it with amount of credit earned. The problem is I do not know anything about the credit system. My undergraduate institution (Panjab University) does not have a credit system and hence I don't know how much credit hours I have earned during my bachelor's degree. Also, TAMU's website states that "Total credit hours are the total amount of hours earned for coursework completed on your official transcript." I have no idea what that means! When i contacted them asking that "is it correct that number of hours per week = credit of a course?" they replied that "credits of a course are not credits per week they are the amount of credits for the entire term of the course". Wow *eye roll*. Please help I am freaking out.
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