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  1. Congrats! And congrats @feralgrad on GMU. It looks like Minnesota started notifying some poetry acceptances and waitlist people, so I probably did not get in... I'm starting to wish I applied to more than six places. But then again, I really, really love the programs I applied to. I just want some good news to share with everyone soon!
  2. Ahhh I see that Minnesota has started notifying fiction applicants. Has anyone heard back for poetry?
  3. I had a dream that I got accepted via phone by North Carolina State, and I said, "Thanks, don't forget to vote for Elizabeth Warren." The collision of grad school application life and political organizer life...
  4. So my top choice is University of Minnesota, and looking at results from the past few years, it seems like they usually inform accepted applicants around Feb. 1. I'm so nervous!
  5. I’ve been taking pole dancing classes to distract myself from waiting for grad school results. It’s super fun! Not doing much to help with the waiting, though...
  6. My personal statement explains that waaay better than I can in normal words, so sorry in advance for this pretentious quote: "My work addresses the truthful and nuanced experiences of womanhood, spanning topics that include the prevalence of sexual assault, the pressures of fertility and motherhood, and gendered power dynamics within relationships." I also write a lot about the erotic and how who gets to own their sexuality v. who gets their sexuality weaponized against them is political. My genre is poetry, BTW.
  7. Haha. I get what you mean. I signed up for painting classes and got a dance studio membership to try to distract myself. So far, it hasn't been helping much.
  8. I'm new to grad cafe (joined today). Where do you guys see these acceptances? Also, just from browsing forums, I've noticed that there are FB groups, too. What ones would you all recommend?
  9. Hey, all! So glad I found this and can talk about my stress and anticipation with people who understand — I think I might be driving my friends and family a little crazy. I applied to programs at North Carolina State, Brown, Iowa, Rutgers-Newark, Minnesota, and Montana in poetry. My top choice is Minnesota!
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