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  1. Program Director said he "left his last [good news] voicemail"
  2. Per Twitter, appears that Arizona State University's acceptances have all been called already.
  3. Not sure if y'all know how to get into Draft or if the Admins are busy? I added my name like a week ago but it still says pending.
  4. Good luck this week everyone!
  5. idk about y'all, but my least favorite part in this process is getting all first-crush excited when I get calls from telemarketers...
  6. Same; not sure what's up. Might be delayed?
  7. mine also says that yeah. Since acceptances and waitlist emails already went out, I'm assuming it's a loss. 😕
  8. I got into Stony Brook! Super excited
  9. Has anyone heard anything about programs in the UK and how they compare to US-based ones?
  10. Same! I've been looking at rents in each city, and i'm not sure it's healthy, but it is a distraction.
  11. way too many places to confess (over a dozen), but I'm really excited about Gainesville and Stony Brook.
  12. Hey y'all, Just found this thread and wanted to wish everyone well. I'm starting to stress a bunch as we get closer to decisions and it's nice to see I'm not alone in that. Good luck!
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