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  1. Hello! I am a foreign student looking for CompLit programs w/ a strong theoretical focus. I want to do work on autofiction and autobiography, and its possible correlations with phenomenology - what are the phenomenological underpinnings or presuppositions of autobiographical work, and what kind of phenomenology of reading could be devised from a singular autobiography? I worked a lot on French Continental philosophy during my undergrad, specifically Derrida, so I would welcome any program that is open to a deconstructionist approach in regards to my questions. Have you got any recommendations as to which programs I could apply? I already have on my list DePaul (philosophy), Emory and NYU. Thank you so much :)
  2. Hi all, I'm looking for MFA recs *specifically for creative nonfiction programs*, would love to hear any ideas! Right now I'm thinking of applying to the Iowa NWP (which is scary af and obvs a long shot) and also to Washington U, Columbia and Hunter College. Looking for more, here are my priorities: -A program focusing mostly or solely on CNF (essay, memoir, hybrid, historical, travel, etc.'). I'm probably a memoir/personal essay person, but I feel I need a strong background in the genre. -Academic grounding, in the sense that the program isn't only made of workshops/craft seminars -Full-residency program, 2-3 years. -Very preferably programs w/ full tuition + stipends for all or most students. -Preferably Northeast coast, but I will definitely be willing to consider elsewhere if it's a good fit. -Preferably medical insurance coverage; coverage of HRT for trans* ppl a big plus -Openness to experimentation and non-English traditions of the essay Obviously in no way am I going to get everything I possibly want, but any pointers in the right direction would be v/ appreciated TIA!!
  3. Hi all! Has anyone heard from Brown yet? I saw one acceptance on the Results page, but I still have my fingers crossed...
  4. I'm applying for the German dept. at Yale and I got a letter from the DGS asking if I could meet with him in his office Friday (I live in New-Haven so no need to travel). Has this happened to anyone? What does this mean? Am I being rejected/waitlisted? If so, why not just write to me? And if it's an acceptance - WHY NOT JUST WRITE TO ME?? I'm so stressed and have no idea what to expect... Help?
  5. I'm an international student applying to one English dept. and a few comp-lit ones. The english dept. requires an english subject GRE, but I didn't realize that until it was too late and missed the test. Next time I;ll be able to take it is after the applications... Has anyone here managed to waive this requirement while applying? What reason should I write to the department?
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