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  1. Hi, all I know is that AU has rescinded some offers (from candidates who didn't commit until 04/08). I'm hoping someone will compile a list for next year's pool of candidates.
  2. Also, just wanted to chime in and say that yes, there's definitely other non-trad students here. I don't know what "IT" is, but I'm sure that whatever happens, you'll find your way. You have that much more experience and stories to tell. I think that that's awesome.
  3. Holy crap!! I thought so but I.. wasn't sure? I was definitely waiting for someone to validate it for me lol. Holy crap! Guess I might see you and @Yesgirlstoo there then? 😄
  4. I got an email from John D'Agata asking to schedule a phone call. I'm assuming (hoping) that it's good news! I don't think Iowa NWP does interviews or calls waitlisters, right? (Adding: it makes sense that he would email me b/c my American phone is offline, lol)
  5. Oh no... I'm sorry to hear that
  6. Fingers crossed!!! I'm sure you're going to get the call soon
  7. Wow, congrats!! So great to hear about successes from other international applicants!! 🙂
  8. Btw, I've begun translating a really great novella as a way to distract myself from pending results. It's nice to be getting back to something that's writing-adjacent! I got the idea from someone here ( @Ydrl I think?) who wrote that they're beginning to write a fantasy novel while waiting. Thanks for the inspiration!!
  9. Thanks... I needed to hear that. Back to refreshing my email 100 times a day, I guess... And congrats on Iowa, that's amazing!
  10. Congrats to all the new acceptances!! so so exciting to hear about everyone I'm kind of stressing out - I'm traveling abroad rn and my American phone is turned off. A lot of the programs seem to be making phone calls - do you think it matters if they can't reach me? I'm afraid that even if I'm accepted they'll give my place to someone else... Or that they'll think that I lied about my phone number, IDK, my stress-brain is weird haha
  11. Sounds super cool, thanks for the rec! I'm hoping to go see Jojo Rabbit today, if I actually manage to get rid of my migraine in time for the movie....
  12. hahaha I noticed that too! Also, to all other WUSTL rejects - has your online application status changed to rejected? Mine still says ready for review... I know it's a long shot... but... could this mean waitlist? ughhh
  13. Fingers crossed! I'm waiting for them too. It was kind of a long shot cause I sent them (and Iowa) an earlier draft of my Writing Sample, but still... Bummer
  14. Thank you!! It's good to know that about Tallahassee - my only point of reference for it is the Mountain Goats album 🤣 FSU's website doesn't have info displayed very well, so I'm going to write what I was personally told and warn you that other ppl probably have different offers: AFIK, all students in the program are accepted with 3 years of full tuition waiver + some funding stipend. The offer I got was for for a stipend of 15,600$ per year. Students TA 2 courses per semester. Students are expected to take 3 courses per semester for the first 2 years; year 3 is dedicated entirely to thesis writing, but TA duties continue. A 3-year program is a dream for some, and that's awesome! Personally I prefer a 2-year program b/c I don't want to spend too much time away from my family (I'm an international student, so travel is complicated). I also recently finished my BA after 6 years (!), so I'm a bit sated when it comes to academia at this point 😅 That being said, my main goal is to come out of the program with a finished, polished manuscript. So.. who knows, maybe a third year is for the best? IDK... Good luck with your apps!! Hope you hear good news soon 🙏
  15. Hi all! I know we're all pretty anxious - or at least I am - hang in there!! I wanted to share some good news: I just got accepted to Florida State University. I talked to Mark Winegardner on the phone, he said that they're contacting accepted applicants and hope to send out a formal email by the end of the week. Has anyone here applied there? Do you have any info on the program? Rankings? Crossing my fingers for everyone!! Also FWIW it's not one of my top choice programs (I prefer a 2-year MFA) so there's a good chance for waitlisters. I'll be sure to let FSU know as soon as I see what my options are. Really rooting for everyone, this process sucks so forking much
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