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  1. I just got my acceptance! Is anyone planning on attending the Admitted Student Day?
  2. @Liza123Congratulations for getting into Michigan! If you have any questions about Ann Arbor or this area feel free to reach out! I'm currently here for undergrad I visited UW back in late July but I plan on visiting sometime either during or after my spring break as well! It will most likely be before decisions come out but hopefully we find out before late March!
  3. Hello, Did anyone else apply for the dual degree program? I'm interested to see what everyone is studying/ interested in doing within the program?
  4. I applied to the Day Program! Does anyone know if decisions actually do come out in late march? Or do people get them earlier too?
  5. Hello, I applied on the 3rd of January and just received my admissions offer today on the 16th! Good luck
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