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  1. I got waitlisted. Got the email half an hour back...
  2. Thank you! This does make me feel a little better... haha... but a little is big during this anxiety ridden time.
  3. Haha! I feel you. Also, from your profile it seems that that you are also one of those to whom UC Davis hasn't notified. If it helps, I emailed them last week and they said the review process is still on.
  4. I went MIA from this forum a few days ago to maintain sanity... just came back to see that CUNY has begum notifying. AAAAAAAA! Many Congratulations to the poster on the board.
  5. Hey everyone, just out of curiosity... did anyone else notice that there are no acceptances for UT Austin? Did it not accept anybody this time? This does not seem the case for past years. There are acceptances along with rejections on the same date for last year and the year before that. Does anyone have any insight about this?
  6. Aaaa... hope they send a decision soon... Thank you so much for this.. it helps!
  7. Congrats to all the UCD admits! Anyone here who applied to UCD and hasn't heard back? I haven't heard anything and I am anxious, lol.
  8. I have applied to Penn State. I received a letter from them in the mail this week. I was so nervous when I saw the address and I read it with shaking fingers. Turns out, it was their undergraduate admissions office sending me a promotional brochure, encouraging me to apply for a bachelors degree at the university. Ughhhhhhh!
  9. Hi! For those of you who got through TAMU English Ph.D, did you get an unofficial email or an official offer letter and/or funding details? Also, does your admission portal reflect a decision?
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