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  1. Can you explain what you mean by this or how you know this?
  2. Hey! I'm curious how you know that application submission is not a factor. I didn't think it was either but someone is telling me that it could have been.

  3. OK so I applied to the following programs: 1) Drexel 2) Temple 3) Fordham 4) Teachers College 5) City College 6)Rutgers 7) LIU Brooklyn 8 Rowan 9) FDU 10) William Paterson (PSYD) I have a 3.979 GPA undergrad, 4.0 in psych. 4.0 GPA MS degree in psychology and have research experience at undergrad and graduate level with publications as wells and textbook authorship. My GRE was 162(V), 157(Q) and 4.5(W). I've beefed up my application from last times that I tried to apply (where I was told get more research experience - and I did)
  4. I know there aren't any rolling admissions - but I'm curious - what date did everyone submit their applications relative to the due date? I submitted my application relatively close to the deadline and I wonder if that is a factor to the crickets.
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