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  1. Undergrad Institution: Large Public State Flagship Major(s): Mathematics (conc. in Math Stat) Minor(s): Applied Stats, Political Science History GPA: 4.0 Type of Student: Female Domestic (LGBT but no potential diversity points for that, since I did not mention it on applications) GRE General Test: Q: 168 (93%) V: 170 (99%) W: 5.0 (92%) GRE Subject Test in Mathematics: M: NA TOEFL Score: NA Grad Institution: NA Programs Applying: Statistics (Ph.D. and Masters) Research Experience: Worked with SAS in a biology lab as a freshman. Involved in a computational topology proje
  2. Based on my visit and interviews with professors, I would think it's a pretty good place to be if you're interested in time series or Bayesian stats. It seems like there would be less opportunities to do applied probability, since that side of the department is rather small (from the impression Dr. Cline gave me). The students there seemed very happy and relaxed, so it seems like a good place to be. It's also a very well-established and renowned department, so I don't think you would have any issues if you are interested in academia. (I'm certainly no expert, but those are my thoughts.)
  3. Don't get me wrong, having health insurance provided in grad school? Great. Finding out that hearing aids may not be covered at all by the plan of the program I'm looking at? Extremely not great. I'm just now learning how messed up hearing aid coverage is in most states, something my parents have had to deal with for years. Also, figuring out health insurance in general seems like a huge pain. Just one more worry on top of a whole pile of decision worries!
  4. I know that internal fellowships tend not to matter much beyond the period of time in which you have them. I've been offered two rather different fellowships, however, and I'm trying to determine if the difference between them is substantive or not. The first is UNC's Royster Fellowship, which comes with about a $6,000 stipend increase. It seems rather prestigious and selective, with the fancy name, university-wide competition, and inclusion into the "Royster Society of Fellows," with lots of different networking and professional development opportunities. My guess is that all of this app
  5. @Cavalerius Wow, that's extremely helpful. Thank you very much for the link! It's good to see that others have struggled with the same questions and made it through the process (alive!). Your past threads seem to touch on a lot of my current concerns, actually, so thank you for unknowingly laying some groundwork for my decision process! @Stat PhD Now Postdoc Thank you--Dr. Scott is actually one of several people I am interested in working with, and that helps give me some useful context.
  6. I'm in a similar situation at the moment, so thank you to all above for the helpful advice. I might submit my own thread on my personal predicament soon, but since I think it's very related to the topic here: does anyone have an opinion or knowledge about the gap between UNC's STOR dept. and UT Austin's SDS dept.? UNC seems large, very established, and highly ranked, while UT is smaller, newer, and more specialized but I'm just as (and perhaps more) interested in the research areas at UT. How significant is the difference between the two? I am looking to go into government/policy res
  7. My UT letter referenced "over 150 applicants and an incoming cohort of approximately 5 students," so take that as you may. Visit day is next week, so after that (early March?) I imagine they might send out more final decisions. Considering their small size, my guess is that they won't send out many more offers, if any. 😕 (That's just speculation on my part, though, based on past posts.)
  8. Yeah, I actually just got my decision notification today.
  9. UNC STOR has definitely sent out their first round of acceptances. There's a visit day in about a week, so I imagine after that they might get more final responses from students and maybe send out more acceptances if they have any open spots left. From what I can tell, their department doesn't really tend to send out rejections until late March/early April. Hope that helps. (And sorry about the decision purgatory you might be in at the moment. Not fun.)
  10. Based on historical posts, I'm pretty sure that CMU sends out pretty much all of their acceptances at once, before putting some people on their wait list and sending out (a lot) of rejections a week or two later. I didn't get anything from CMU either, so I'm betting on a rejection. C'est la vie. 😕
  11. I got an offer letter from UNC STOR this morning, so I guess they've started their first wave of admissions, too. (Good luck to anyone else who's been waiting anxiously!)
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