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  1. Someone added rejection from Oregon in the board. Wondering when they will send me any kind of response. Oh, I still didn't get from them, Indiana and PennState. Exhausted... Waiting... Checking mailbox 50 times a day...
  2. Is there anyone who is an international student and got responses about their application of Comparative Literature departments at Indiana and Oregon? I didn't and I'm nervous, I'm wondering if is there any. I also didn't get any news from PennState but I think people did as I can see in the board so PennState is implied rejection it seems. I don't want to e-mail them and find out I'm rejected. 😕
  3. Nope. I'm an international student and I have small budget for applications so I only applied 5 schools which all are the departments of Comparative Literature. I got rejection from two of them and waiting for other three. I saw some people got responses from these "other three" so I'm a bit nervous about the situation right now. There is a chance that I can start my Ph.D in my country and while this I may try next year again. However, this will be difficult because all schools have high application fees and once I started my Ph.D in here I'm not sure if I can handle all processes of U.S graduate applications. I hope, we all will hear good responses from what we have left.
  4. Congratulations, it is a great news. I also applied to Indiana but didn't get any e-mail yet. I hope you're right.
  5. It was same for my application on UMass. When I first log in, there was no change but a day after, the status actually changed. So, wait a day and look it again.
  6. Thanks a lot for the info. Maybe they will send decisions in separate days. Who knows.
  7. Thanks a lot. I think, interview requests from Oregon sent American students only as it seems in the board, so maybe we'll hear decisions by end of Feb. I didn't get any e-mail yet from Indiana too. Let's wait... Very stressful times though......
  8. Congrats for your acceptance. Let's wait with a bit hope...
  9. Yes, I was asking Comp. Lit. I didn't receive any e-mail yet from Oregon and Penn State, I am an international student. Do you think, does it mean, did they reject me?
  10. Has anyone heard from Penn State, Oregon, or Indiana?
  11. Is there anyone who received an e-mail from the department of Comp. Lit. at University of Oregon/Indiana and Penn State? I'm an international student and I saw some interview requests in the gradcafe about Oregon and Penn State but I had no e-mail yet. Did I rejected by them or should I still wait with some hope?
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