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    Medieval studies; manuscript studies; textual afterlife; digital humanities; Arabic lit; gender/sexuality studies
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  1. Thank you so much! I may PM you with questions later..... and I may have to take you up on that emergency April 15th PM....
  2. Whoops sorry but like it’s comfy down here and I have cookies so there’s that
  3. I feel this. I have three lovely acceptances, leaving towards one of them, but then got waitlisted at UVA and my nice settled plans went right out the window, and I can’t even choose between UVA and the other school I like, because I probably won’t get into UVA anyways? But then what if I do at the last minute and I haven’t even thought about it and have to make the decision in like 24 hours??? Absolute chaos. Reaching out to everyone I know and they’re all like “go with your heart” and I’m like wut
  4. SAME. My fiancé trying to explain what I do to her family always says something like “she reads English..... but old.... like Shakespeare.... but less English..... and more old..... also she likes old books..... and libraries....” Needless to say, they’re baffled.
  5. Same. It’s made an already somewhat complicated decision even more complicated......
  6. Thank you!! This makes me feel so much better. It all seems so much more manageable when I imagine myself in clothes that I’m comfortable in, I was just so worried about doing the “wrong” thing!
  7. What do people typically wear to campus visits? Like..... how professional should I look? On the one hand, I want to look professional and definitely want to “fit in.” On the other hand, I tend to be emotionally uncomfortable in fancy clothes (especially if I’m the only one). Plus, it sounds like I’ll be more or less coming straight from the airport, so that makes me think that they maybe don’t expect me to look super nice? is this something to ask the graduate coordinator (who has been organizing the visit)? I know, intellectually, that I shouldn’t be freaking out about th
  8. SAME. Also this is definitely not helpful, but I am insanely curious about where you’ll end up picking. I’m completely overwhelmed with three choices!! Literally cannot imagine more.
  9. Thanks! Yes, I'm super excited about their medieval stuff!! It's the main reason I applied. I really love the program, and there are just so many great opportunities for medievalists there!
  10. What are the odds of more NYU acceptances coming out? Or should I mark it as an implied rejection if I haven’t heard anything?
  11. Me!!! There is literally nothing intellectually engaging for me to do here. I’m listening to audiobooks instead of music to try and keep me mind engaged in something besides absolute panic.
  12. Thank you, good luck to you too! Fingers crossed for both of us!
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