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    Modernism - Anthropocene Studies - Environmental Humanities - Proust - Surrealism - French Theory (Deleuze and Guattari) - Marxism - Benjamin - Post-45 - Speculative Fiction - History of Philosophy - History of Science
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  1. I didn't even apply to Upenn but all the anticipatory talk on here over the past 3 weeks concerning when their decisions will be made has made me anxious by proxy, lol. The MA/PhD application process is so toxic for its participants its absurd (I'd do it all over again if I had to, though). Best of luck to everyone!!
  2. Hi there, Can I ask what your WS/what the purview of your research is? Just curious as another person who works mostly in the theory size of lit departments (though, I did go more down the complit route myself).
  3. Im thinking as of now I wont be accepting my offer at UW, whats your field??
  4. What will the day bring: more Harvard acceptances? Columbia responses? Some news from the infernally silent realms of Princeton or BU? Another Friday of no responses leading up to a weekend of silence from admissions? Pls give me something gods of academe \(0.0)/
  5. Just got another Ma/PhD offer which I am thrilled about ! Nonetheless, seeing Harvard on the board is making me a bit frantic. I have this strange recurring feeling where I want to get into one of the truly "elite universities" of academia more so as a perverse practice in self-affirmation than to even definitively attend. I feel a bit as if imposter syndrome is getting the better of me or something. Any who, this whole process makes focusing on my undergrad assignments hellish! congrats to everyone whose had good news recently, solidarity with those still waiting.
  6. Another Penn State on the board .. anyone know if its normal for them to roll out acceptances so sporadically?
  7. Ah! Congratulations!! So exciting. Thanks for following up as well. I suppose you probably wont have direct access to this information given that you were simply notified, but did the dgs happen to mention anything about whether they will be doing a mass admit or a staggered, case by case admissions process over the coming weeks
  8. Any updated information on whats going on with Duke Literature? Is it just assumed that if you've heard nothing you're out at this point? Also: Any information on the Penn State acceptances available? Congrats everyone who has heard back with good news! Solidarity with those still waiting.
  9. Also: I am waiting to hear back from a horde of other schools. Has there been any updates on the Duke responses?
  10. Hi everyone, I have also been a lurker on this thread for a while. I was compelled to go ahead and post by @vondafkossum. (Sorry I am not sure how to directly reply to specific messages in the thread). Any who, I am claiming the first Wisconsin Acceptance to be posted on the leader board type thing. I was notified by UW-Madison via email at around 3:30 yesterday afternoon. Cheers and congrats to everyone who has heard back, solidarity with those still waiting.
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