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  1. I actually got an invitation to NYU Comp. Lit.'s "evaluative" visiting day in early February. I'm guessing all the invites went out around the same time?
  2. I believe so! Did they release any details about it yet? I only saw the acceptance letter on the portal and have exchanged emails with my POI, who mentioned it in passing.
  3. I just got an acceptance from Yale! So happy and so grateful!
  4. So strange, I was told two weeks. Best of luck to you in the meantime!
  5. Just thought I should let people know that I received an offer from Brown Comp. Lit. in late January. I'm not sure if they're still sending out acceptances or not or what their usual timeline is, but best of luck! Late January definitely seemed a bit early to be sending out acceptances, so I may have just been an anomaly? Has no one heard back from Yale? I'm assuming a rejection, given what Figures III wrote earlier.
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