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  1. Hi all! I just scheduled my interview for the DOE scholarship (Bilingual SLP), and am looking for tips and any info from those who have gone through it before! Thank you
  2. Just wondering, did any of you end up going to Brooklyn College? If so, how do you like the program and the faculty? Where do students usually get placed for externships? Any info at all would be super helpful. Thanks
  3. Hi all, I've never interviewed for a school before and have one coming up for CUNY Brooklyn College. Anyone know anything about their interviews or writing samples? For those who have interviewed even if at other schools, what kinds of questions should I prepare to answer/to ask them? Any general interview tips?? And if anyone has a Brooklyn College interview coming up as well, let us know how it went after!
  4. Hi! Is anyone applying to the Teach NYC scholarship for SLPs currently? I have not been able to get much information from their contact email, and the application seems very outdated and is confusing. Anyone know if you have to have committed to a school in order to apply? They ask to list "Participating College/University to which you have been accepted as a fully matriculated student" but I have only gotten one decision so far. Do I still answer that question even though I am not necessarily going to the school I would list? Also, seems odd that there is no essay requirement, and when I g
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