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  1. I guess we are in it together. I have submitted 1 application, still researching other schools and programs. You?
  2. I submitted my application on 4th of December.
  3. I submitted my application in early December.
  4. Hey everyone, Guess what!!! I just got accepted into Columbia (MSW 2Years program). I am so excited about this πŸ•ΊπŸ•ΊπŸ•Ί, I was literally shaking in my bed as I read through my acceptance letter. πŸ˜€ Thanks to everyone who have shared their excitement and frustrations during the cause of our waiting, this thread and every contribution made the waiting a bit easier. πŸ˜… Thanks again. πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—
  5. Thanks, I really value your response. The thing is that I have already chosen Policy related concentration (thinking long-term) in the few unis I have applied to but deep down in me - I'm also good with working with people on individual basis, plus there is a part of me that loves teaching - meaning I'd love to do PhD in the future maybe 'cos I have education background and now finishing BSW. So, this is why am now thinking/researching about generalist.
  6. Hi guys, Out of curiosity and desire to learn from others. Please, if you would, kindly share your insights/thought about what might be the benefits and/or disadvantages of generalist VS specialist MSW or either of them. Thanks
  7. Thanks for sharing this, it may be useful for me too, CU just confirmed my interview for next week. Can't wait!!!
  8. Thanks for taking time to respond to and offer valuable advice to me. Your response has given me reason to think deeply again about my decision and options. I really love the profession of Social Work and I think i'd be more effective and happy if I get opportunities to practice at macro level and/or kinda like managerial positions. I would love to work on ambitious innovative projects or programs that can have great impact on many people at once, or design programs or policies as such. Another thing I love is teaching and/or talking/sharing knowledge and experiences with groups of adults
  9. You'll be ok, I believe some of us can relate to what you're feeling but stay encouraged, I am sure nothing is wrong with you and big deal having to withdraw from a program on health grounds. You'll be fine. I hope this helps.
  10. Pitts also wants my Uni to mail my transcripts too despite receiving them via official email, hence I don't consider them an option anymore.
  11. Thanks, now am beginning to consider applying for more Unis just in case.
  12. Please, if I may ask - did you received fellowship application offer(s) weeks/days after submitting your application? I did, so I just want to know if its same for all applicants and/or maybe anyone has received such fellowship offer, just curious.
  13. Thanks for sharing your experience with me. I am already feeling uncomfortable as I hate waiting or been unsure, I wish I could just speed up things. I submitted my application on 12/08/2019 and I was hoping that the 8wks starts from then but for your experience with them. Thanks all the same.
  14. Hi guys, Please, I have received an email/response to my inquiry from Columbia regarding how long I am to wait for, so I need help understanding when the "8 weeks" starts from? I have just received a second email from Heller (Brandeis University) trying to persuade me to take their offer (60% Scholarship for Master in Sustainable International Development). .........Thank you for your email. Your application is complete and your materials have been received. If we require additional items from you, our office will be in touch.If the Office of Admissions wishes to schedule an i
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