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  1. Hello everyone! I was recently offered admission to the inaugural AuD cohort at GVSU and immediately accepted my offer. Since the program is brand new there is nothing about it online, so I'm just posting to try and find the other people in our cohort. I'd like to try and organize a facebook page or groupme of all of us so we can start getting to know each other!
  2. Thank you so much for your response!! Do you mind if I ask which schools you applied to? I'm really trying to get an idea of where people with similar stats are accepted. I know this field is so competitive which really worries me. Thanks for your help!!
  3. Hi everyone! I am not applying this year, but am looking at applying to AuD programs next year. I am a bit worried though because I have relatively low stats: a 3.42 overall GPA, 150 V, 149 Q, and a 6 on the writing portion of the GRE. Because of this, I am looking to apply to some less competitive AuD programs. Does anyone have any program suggestions that have been traditionally less competitive? Thank you all and good luck on apps and interviews this year! :)
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