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  1. I got the formal offer from Munk, anyone else?
  2. Wait so does that mean we are in? do we know when the official come trhough
  3. Do you know if they set a limit as to how many you can take? Or what is the minimum to be considered a full-time student.
  4. Mine still have no specialization. Did you get yours?
  5. I have been refreshing Carleton central every twenty minutes
  6. You need your student number which is in the application summary on the application website plus you need your JOINid. When you have that use it to register then you can use acorn
  7. I got NPSIA today which is my preference over GSPIA so now my clock is reset for Munk. This is surprising considering their deadline is earlier.
  8. This is my worry I have 5 more days to decide on GSPIA but Munk won't even send things out till mid march. I wonder why they do it that way
  9. LSE is great, I am from London, it is an amazing city. Are you concern about the cost of it all in London. Are you leaning one way or another? I am debating between Munk and NPSIA, I applied to GSPIA as a back up but the French requirement was a concern for me. What is your current job if you don't mind me asking?
  10. yeah I got simular information informtion. I wonder if it matter which specilaization we got into. I think I am more curious which one I got. Are you pick between NPSIA and somewhere else?
  11. So from what I am getting first rounds of GSPIA and NPSIA are coming out this week and mayne next week. Has anyone heard anything from Munk (or what does your status of application say)
  12. @irnerd Did it say that you'll recieve in a couple of weeks. My email said: unofficial offer, all official info including funding will be on carleton central in 1-2 weeks. Did you ger simular info
  13. Mine was still recommended for assesment when I got my unofficial acceptance. And the website still hasn't changed
  14. I just got an email from Kailey saying that I got an unoffical offer from NPSIA. Does anyone know when we get to know our specialization?
  15. That thought just crossed my mind. I am at the recommended for assessment hell with the other. Thanks @theGoodGhosts
  16. Also they are already sending acceptences to NPSIA and mine is still stuck in "Preliminary review required" even thoughI submitted everything before Jan31. Anyone in the same boat?
  17. Hey evryone, I got into the GSPIA with funding and MIPP in BSIA. The only thing that concerns me about GSPIA is that there is the French component; where we have to take a course in French. Do you guys have any insight on how much French we need to know for it. Do you know if they provide the aid of some form.
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