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  1. So I am in IIA and all my courses are full and my registration is not until later today - anyone in the same boat?
  2. I may be wrong but if you want I think you can use both. Also that's really neat combination
  3. I took Spanish and Russian in undergrad - so I am hoping to recieve advanced standing in one or both. What about you
  4. Have you also cleared the requirement (i.e sent your transcript), in addition to the previous comment
  5. I think they may have patched it - do you still have the schedule for Fall/Winter?
  6. You should recieve acceptance within a few days! If they give you your specialization you are in! Congrats
  7. From my understanding they care more about the last two years. If you have a good average in lat two years you should be good. But I wpuldn't say 3.5 is too bad. If you need some help you can DM me
  8. I got a call today - he mentioned that everyone will hear back by this Friday (hopefully)
  9. Hey everyone! I am also heading to Munk for an MGA this Fall. To echo the previous messages - I think by Fall semester Covid as a disease will subside, I think we will be dealing more with social impacts. I think by Fall the courses will go business as usual - but it may be an issue for internationals as visas may be given out much slower. Regardless of that I am excited to start my MGA at UofT!
  10. Hey - on another note has anyone heard from MAGG at BSIA?
  11. Hello Atul, Thank you for give us some insight. Would be able to elaborate on your experience at Munk. Some upsides - what you enjoyed, what made you chose the program? What were some drawbacks of your experience? Also what were your thoughts on the internship? Elle
  12. Congrats thats awesome! What are you leaning towards?
  13. I don't think last years timeline precedent will work. Because I just got an emial from UoT saying if I want to get an extension on my decision they are happy to give it to us. So I think the second round/wait list people are going to be waiting for longer than usual. Are you domestic or international student, if you don't mind me asking?
  14. Last year 2 out of 3 of my friends got in off the "first round" of wait list. Due to the prohibitive cost of munk many end up turning it down - so it was told to me
  15. I just accepted Munk! I hope to see you there! Side note declined all the other offers hope people who are still waiting will get their forst choices!
  16. I talked to a friend in the program he said the specializations are not that important. You have the ability to take all the courses, just those who have specialization usually get first choice but there always spots for everyone
  17. NPSIA is pretty famous for their slow process so I would wait. There are a lot of people who get-in in the later rounds. If you don't get in I would recommend emailing them and asking for feedback on your application. I did that last year and I got in first round. I think languages and a year or two of expereince may be secondary parts of the application letters of recommendation really matter and your Personal Statment. I can give you some information that I was provided last year if you PM me.
  18. Hey everyone, I know this was mentioned before. But those of you choosing between NSPIA and Munk. If you are able to share your insight as to why you are choosing one over another would you be able to share. I am having hard time deciding objectively. All the insight is appreciated
  19. I would recommend reaching out to the admin of both schools, because it may be decided on the case-by-case basis.
  20. @martlets where did you find your funding info?
  21. Did you get any fundig info with your acceptence?
  22. Congrats to you either way! What are your other choices?
  23. No, nothing. The first offer I got without any funding
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