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  1. I am looking for advice from anyone who has tried/succeeded in negotiating your aid package. I would appreciate strategies and feedback from anyone who has done this, regardless of their program. However, my admission is to DU Korbel for IDEV. I received scholarships for 39% of tuition and an offer for an hourly "aide" position.
  2. I think this is a difficult decision and I would say you should do like another suggested and make a pros and cons list. The thing I would put more weight on is your ability to maintain your mental health. Do you think the issues with your number 2 school will be detrimental to your education and personal career path? Are there ways to work around them? If you are not happy in your current community, I suspect that will carry over to how happy you will feel committing to the community for another couple years. Hope you are able to make your choice based on what is best for you and that yo
  3. At this point you made your decision. I would just get super excited about the opportunities the school you selected has to offer. If you truly feel you chose wrong, consider delaying your plan and apply for the next semester.
  4. I am curious to know if you pursued any of these options. I investigated European schools. I applied to Uppsala and DU. Waiting to hear from Uppsala, accepted to DU.
  5. I received admission to DU and the Korbel school for a master's in international development for Fall 2020. Who else on here received admission to Korbel and what other schools you applied to and what draws you to Korbel? Did you receive a financial aid package and merit scholarships?
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