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  1. Hmmm... You didn't apply to NYU's MS in Data Science and Northwestern's MS in Analytics? I believe those two are in the same league as Columbia's MS in Data Science. But since you have only applied to Columbia, I would advice you to pack your bags and head to NYC if you get accepted. All the best!
  2. Is this the 2-year full-time NYU program? Their MS in Data Science is supposed to be awesome. You might even get to learn from Yann LeCun himself. I would pick NYU over University of Washington (assuming you've been accepted to the same program I'm referring to).
  3. @KMickey There was an event called "Admitted Students Day" on 16th February 2021. Basically, admitted students were briefed about the curriculum and allowed to interact with the program director and current students/alumni. It was quite awesome! Anyway... only about 12 or 13 admitted students were present. So my best guess is that Northwestern will definitely be accepting more students during the February/March period. The target cohort size is ~40 students, and I believe that only the first round of intake has been completed so far. Again, I have no way of verifying this. But I still fee
  4. Same here. I also strongly considered MIDS but entirely overlooked Duke's Statistical Science program . However, I have applied to UC Berkeley's MA in Statistics program. Still not quite sure how Berkeley MA Stats compares with NW MSiA and Columbia DS (Any opinions?). You mentioned that CS/Stats degrees hold more water than DS/Analytics, and that is true. But I must point out that Stats students spend a lot of time learning theoretical concepts, which implies that the onus of acquiring programming skills lies entirely with the student. I guess what I'm trying to say is that you must be high
  5. Hey! Congratulations on getting acceptances from both schools. I also received my NW-MSiA acceptance earlier this month, but I still haven't heard from Columbia so far. As a natural consequence, I have slowly started to mentally prepare myself for a situation wherein I eventually join NW's program. The reasons that I have given myself to feel happy about attending NW (instead of Columbia) are as follows: (NOTE: I am explicitly stating my bias for NW here in case it wasn't clear enough) 1. MSiA has a smaller class-size (~40 students), so that should allow for more indivi
  6. As an international applicant, this is making me quite nervous as well. I would be taking a significant portion of my family savings to finance my MS education, so if my program were to abruptly "shift online" in the middle, I would feel as though I had squandered all my parent's hard earned money on education that I could otherwise acquire via Coursera for a fraction of the cost. Moreover, new travel restrictions are also being imposed everyday, which makes me wonder how all the students admitted to the Fall'20 session will even arrive on campus and be physically present to attend classes.
  7. Hey! Congratulations on the result. I also got accepted to the MSiA program recently (international student). Since I didn't apply to NYU's program, I can't comment on your first query. However, I did apply to UChicago's MS Analytics program (results still awaited). To be honest, I think NW's program is better than UChicago's for a few reasons. 1) The most pertinent reason would be that classes in NW take place on campus, unlike in UChicago where classes take place in NBC Tower. Since I am an international student, I want my university experience to be as immersive as possible so
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