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  1. I am curious if you were 4a or 4b - or if you know? My scores were higher and no waitlist, and committee 4 has a waitlist with a 10.8. Makes no sense to me unless different subcommittees. Sigh.
  2. No luck for me this year. Will apply next year and not think about it till early May! I am waiting to hear on another major award - my essay was much better that round and I think my application will be a bit stronger with the Alberta Excellence Award and another as well as another conference paper. This has been fun! Be well and keep doing the good work you are doing. For those not notified yet, fingers crossed for you.
  3. I think the UofA had 15 CGS-D's last year but I do not recollect committees. I am 2nd year so my last for eligibility. Did not apply for SSHRC last year.
  4. Perhaps so many CGS-D are given per committee and per university? That way one person's biases cannot impact the whole? I don't know. This should be made transparent somewhere. I suspect the awards offices should know?
  5. That makes no sense. I am waiting to hear and I am committee 4 as well but Education.
  6. Will let you know but not feeling too hopeful. Friday was a lot of Bombardier announcements. Cruel and unusual punishment if they did that on purpose. I'd have some feedback for them on the mental stress for students waiting.
  7. Finally see my folder with my name. Empty but my number is 242574...For those who heard today - is this a sequence? Are you in about this number?
  8. Thanks. I wont open if there are only two!
  9. No good news on twitter yet either.
  10. Mine too. No name on mine. I would have thought there should be?
  11. Just to be clear, if you were a page refresher and got your result already, how does the page change? Maybe its the rain, but I feel like I am missing something?
  12. Awe Dang! It is a crap shoot and not a reflection of the work you are doing. Hope you can now move forward with the important work you are doing! I am nervous now. Nothing posted yet.
  13. my guess is that once all documents are uploaded, all 3000+ then the email will go out stating that results are in. I suspect they should have either started uploading earlier or had the same date set to release results or stated what their release strategy was so we had not wasted so much mental energy since Thursday. Good news is we should hopefully know tomorrow. Happy Sunday everyone!
  14. Congratulations! I am from the UofA and still waiting to hear. Did you get your results yesterday?
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