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  1. Hello all, I am applying for F1 visa from Mexico city as a third country national. I am studying in Mexico and staying in Mexico on a student visa. I was filling up the DS160 and I encountered confusion in a few questions. I would appreciate if you can share your opinion/ideas/experiences on them. 'Intended length of stay ' : I talked to a professor and he said that the average time for completion of the PHD program is 5 years. It's also the same in an image describing the timeline of phD, on the website of the univ. But the program duration given on my I-20 is 8 years. So what to write as the answer to the question "intended length of stay" : 5 years or 8 years : as mentioned in the I-20 ? It asks for home address and mailing address. Is 'home address' supposed to be the same as permanent address, as mentioned on my passport, or the temporary one here in Mexico city ? That's all. Cheers
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