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  1. Thanks for the reply and info. Not sure if I want to commit 4 years to a PhD yet.
  2. I am looking to apply to either stats MS programs or data science MS programs, but I need more information about both in order to decide which to apply to, and so I have a few questions: In your opinion, do stats MS programs provide enough training in applied and technical skills to work as a statistician or data scientist in industry? In looking at the curricula of many stat MS programs, it seems there is a heavy focus on theory and not as much focus on actually preparing one to work as a data scientist. E.g., not very much focus on how to actually apply machine learning models practica
  3. Thanks for the insight 1. Sufficient even for top 10/ivy league ms programs? 3. Not sure if I want to get a PhD at this point.
  4. Hello, I just have a few miscellaneous questions relating to MS programs in stats/data science: 1. Do you think my GRE score of V: 165 Q: 165 is good enough to get into top 10 schools? What about Ivy League schools? I have seen the average quant scores at these types of schools to be 167+. I am considering retaking it because on practice tests, I did better on the quant section (167, 168), but worse on the verbal section (163, 162). I assume the rest of my application would give me a decent shot at top 10 schools. 2. Are lower ranked (based on USNWR rankings) Ivy League schools (and
  5. I got V: 165 and Q: 165. Do you think a higher Q score would significantly help my chances of getting into top 10/Ivy League schools such as Harvard, Chicago, MIT, etc.? I am considering retaking it since I got V: 162 Q:168 and V:163 Q:167 on my 2 practice tests
  6. Thanks for all responses, this is quite helpful
  7. I'm wondering if I could get some advice on what tiers of schools I should apply for, given my background? I am going to apply for an MS in stats (Fall 2021). Demographics: Biracial domestic male (Half-asian, half-white) Undergrad: UIUC (big ten, very strong physics program)~#37 rank in stats. Major: Physics GPA: 3.82 overall, 3.76 major GPA. Got a B+ freshman year in Calc 3, all B+/B's one semester junior year when I took 5 math/phys classes, otherwise all A+/A/A- Coursework: Calc 1, 2, 3 (A, A-, B+), Diff EQ (A-), Linear Alg. (B+), Discrete Math (B+), Re
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